What is Literairyland?

Hey there, book lovers! Welcome to Literairyland, your literary lighthouse in the frothy sea of endless new releases.

It all began one autumn day in 2023 when Nicholas Barron found himself drowning in an ocean of new book titles. “There's got to be a better way!” he exclaimed.

So Nick created a weekly email that lists the most buzzed-about new books. Literairyland!

Nick scours book reviews, social media, and the publishing industry press to find the new books everyone is talking about. And he brings them to Literairyland subscribers every Tuesday.

Why Tuesday? Because that’s when most publishers release new books.

Why do publishers release books on Tuesdays? No one knows.

You can get a list of the week’s hottest new books by subscribing to Literairyland below. Welcome!

Literairyland’s Epic Quest

We're on a noble quest to help you find your next great read AND be smart at parties.

With Literairyland, you’ll be in the loop about the books everyone is talking about. Better than that, you’ll be the one creating the loop!

Say goodbye to being told what books to read and say hello to telling people what they should be reading.

Who is this Nick character?

Nick Barron is many things. Writer. Baseball fan. Not good at math.

He’s the mastermind behind Literairyland. Pinocchio’s Geppetto. The man behind the curtain.

Nick is also a digital communications consultant in Washington, D.C. You can learn about his professional work here. (And hire him. Please.)

Literairyland's Nick Barron

That’s Nick 👆