Literairyland: Nov. 21-27, 2023

This week's new books, writer bdays, and more.

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You love reading lists. I love reading lists. Fortunately for us, David Gutowski is keeping a page of all 2023 reading lists he finds. David will daily update this page through mid-January.

Remember to check out this year's Literairyland gift guide if you're shopping for Christmas. A new addition to the guide is a book by my friend, Allison Rudnick, titled Art for the Millions: American Culture and Politics in the 1930s. It's available at The Met.

Or, peruse this list of 41 books to give as gifts this year from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal's Jim Higgins.

Thank you for being here, and I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. 🦃

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This Week’s New Books

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  • The Other Half by Charlotte Vassell (Amazon | Bookshop)

  • Crime and Parchment: A Rare Books Cozy Mystery by Daphne Silver (Amazon | Bookshop)

  • The Penguin Book of Murder Mysteries edited by Michael Sims (Amazon | Bookshop)

  • Gaslight by Femi Kayode (Amazon | Bookshop)

  • Murder in a Country Village by F.L. Everett (Amazon) (Available Nov. 23)

  • Murder Most Antique by E.C. Bateman (Amazon) (Available Nov. 23)

  • Murder at the Matterhorn by T.A. Williams (Amazon) (Available Nov. 24)

  • Death on the Scotland Express by Fliss Chester (Amazon) (Available Nov. 27)


  • Tom Clancy Command and Control (A Jack Ryan Novel) by Marc Cameron (Amazon | Bookshop)

  • There Should Have Been Eight by Nalini Singh (Amazon | Bookshop)

  • Enemies Among Us: A Nick Reagan Thriller by Jeffrey S. Stephens (Amazon | Bookshop)

  • Kringle Falls by Lynn Oliver Hudson (Amazon | Bookshop) 🏳️‍🌈

  • Leverage by E.J. Noyes (Amazon | Bookshop)

  • Unknown Rider by Jack Stewart (Amazon | Bookshop)

  • From an Unknown Sender by Traci Hunter Abramson and Sian Ann Bessey (Amazon)

  • Intercessions by Kathleen Eull (Amazon | Bookshop) (Available Nov. 22)

  • Truth Lies Dying by Graeme Hampton (Amazon) (Available Nov. 23)

  • Notes on a Murder by B P Walter (Amazon) (Available Nov. 23)


  • The Ball at Versailles: A Novel by Danielle Steel (Amazon | Bookshop)

  • Vanished (Circle of the Red Lily, 2) by Anna J. Stewart (Amazon | Bookshop)

  • A Wedding in Driftwood Cove: A Novel by Olivia Miles (Amazon | Bookshop)

  • A Carol for Karol by Ann Roberts Roberts Ann (Amazon | Bookshop) 🏳️‍🌈

  • Loving You Always by Kennedy Ryan (Amazon)

  • Four Weddings and a Puppy by Lizzie Shane (Amazon | Bookshop)

  • Twisted Palace by Erin Watt (Amazon | Bookshop)

  • You Are Not Alone In This by Nichelle Kovacheff (Amazon | Bookshop) (Available Nov. 22)

  • Welcome To The Cornish Country Hospital by Jo Bartlett (Amazon | Bookshop)


  • The Impudent Edda by Rowdy Geirsson (Amazon | Bookshop) • (Available Nov. 22)

  • The Ghosts of Beatrice Bird by Louisa Morgan (Amazon | Bookshop)

  • Saevus Corax Captures the Castle by K.J. Parker (Amazon | Bookshop)

  • Warrior of the Wind by Suyi Davies Okungbowa (Amazon | Bookshop)

  • Explosive Chemistry by Paige E. Ewing (Amazon)

Science Fiction


  • The Bootlegger's Dance: An Arkham Horror Novel by Rosemary Jones (Amazon | Bookshop)


  • A True Account: Hannah Masury’s Sojourn Amongst the Pyrates, Written by Herself by Katherine Howe (Amazon | Bookshop)

  • The Winthrop Agreement: A Novel by Alice Simpson (Amazon | Bookshop)

  • The Country Sisters by Sally Tarpey (Amazon | Bookshop)

  • The Farm by Randy O'Brien (Amazon | Bookshop)

  • Wolves Around the Throne by S.J.A. Turney (Amazon) (Available Nov. 23)

  • The Library Girls of the East End by Patrica McBride (Amazon | Bookshop) (Available Nov. 27)

Young Adult

  • The Queer Girl is Going to be Okay by Dale Walls (Amazon | Bookshop) 🏳️‍🌈

Short Stories

  • A Spoonful of Malaysian Magic: An Anthology by Anna Tan (Amazon) (Available Nov. 23)


Graphic Novels & Manga

  • Team Phoenix Volume 1 by Kenny Ruiz and Osamu Tezuka (Amazon | Bookshop)

  • Apple Black, Volume 4: Holy Spectre by Saturday Am, Whyt Manga, and Odunze Oguguo (Amazon | Bookshop)

  • Heart Gear, Vol. 2 by Tsuyoshi Takaki (Amazon | Bookshop)

  • Takopi's Original Sin by Taizan5 (Amazon | Bookshop)



  • Burning Out on the Covid Front Lines: A Doctor's Memoir of Fatherhood, Race and Perseverance in the Pandemic by Dhaval R. Desai (Amazon | Bookshop)


  • Critical Hits: Writers Playing Video Games edited by Carmen Maria Machado and J. Robert Lennon (Amazon | Bookshop)


  • Babe Ruth: Remembering the Bambino in Stories, Photos, and Memorabilia by Bill Gilbert and Julia Ruth Stevens (Amazon | Bookshop)

Arts & Crafts

  • How to Draw Super Cute Things with Bobbie Goods! by Bobbie Goods (Amazon | Bookshop)

  • Bible Inspiration for Women Coloring Book by Chartwell Books (Amazon | Bookshop)

  • Big School of Drawing Manga, Comics & Fantasy (Amazon | Bookshop)

  • Big School of Drawing Manga, Comics & Fantasy Workbook (Amazon | Bookshop)

  • Watercolor Made Simple: Techniques, Projects, and Encouragement to Get Started Painting and Creating by Nicki Traikos (Amazon | Bookshop)


  • Jack Ruby: The Many Faces of Oswald's Assassin by Danny Fingeroth (Amazon | Bookshop)

  • Longstreet: The Confederate General Who Defied the South by Elizabeth Varon (Amazon | Bookshop)

  • The Last Ships from Hamburg: Business, Rivalry, and the Race to Save Russia's Jews on the Eve of World War I by Steven Ujifusa (Amazon | Bookshop)

  • Sailing the Graveyard Sea: The Deathly Voyage of the Somers, the U.S. Navy's Only Mutiny, and the Trial That Gripped the Nation by Richard Snow (Amazon | Bookshop)

Personal Finance

  • Made Whole: The Practical Guide to Reaching Your Financial Goals by Tiffany the Budgetnista Aliche (Amazon | Bookshop)


  • Workshop Culture: A Guide to Building Teams That Thrives by Alison Coward (Amazon | Bookshop)

Law Enforcement

  • Rethinking the Police: An Officer's Confession and the Pathway to Reform by Daniel Reinhardt (Amazon | Bookshop)

Mental Health

  • Dbt for Everyone: A Guide to the Perks, Pitfalls, and Possibilities of Dbt for Better Mental Health by Michelle Henderson and Kate Sherman (Amazon | Bookshop)


  • Feedback: Uncovering the Hidden Connections Between Life and the Universe by Nicholas Golledge (Amazon | Bookshop)


  • What Board Games Mean To Me by Reiner Knizia, John Kovalic, and Ian Livingstone, edited by Donna Gregory (Amazon | Bookshop)


  • Self-Love Club: Real Talk and Reminders for Discovering that We're Enough by Hyesu Lee (Amazon | Bookshop)


  • Your Heart Was Made for This: Contemplative Practices for Meeting a World in Crisis with Courage, Integrity, and Love by Oren Jay Sofer (Amazon | Bookshop)

  • Walk with Jesus: Bible Study for Women: A Year of Teachings and Prayers to Grow in Faith and Love by Helen H. Lee (Amazon | Bookshop)

  • Paul and Time: Life in the Temporality of Christ by L. Ann Jervis (Amazon | Bookshop)

  • New Testament Theology by Eckhard J. Schnabel (Amazon | Bookshop)

  • Gender as Love: A Theological Account of Human Identity, Embodied Desire, and Our Social Worlds by Fellipe Do Vale (Amazon | Bookshop)

  • Exegetical Journeys in Biblical Greek: 90 Days of Guided Reading by Benjamin L. Merkle (Amazon | Bookshop)


This Week’s Literary Birthdays & Events

November 21

  • 1st installment of Fanny Hill, first American erotic novel, published (1748)

  • Beryl Bainbridge

  • Olav Dunn

  • Fiona Pitt-Kethley

  • Isaac Bashevis Singer

  • Elizabeth George Speare

  • Voltaire

November 22

  • George Eliot

  • André Gide

  • George Gissing

  • William Kotzwinkle

  • Fumio Niwa

  • Victor Pelevin

  • Marjane Satrapi

  • Roger L. Simon

  • Valerie Wilson Wesley

November 23

  • Ishmael Beah

  • Paul Celan

  • Nirad C. Chaudhuri

  • Gayl Jones

  • P.K. Page

  • Peter Stanford

  • Nigel Tranter

  • Wilson Tucker

  • Gloria Whelan

November 24

  • Frances Hodgson Burnett

  • Carlo Collodi

  • Mordicai Gerstein

  • Penny Jordan

  • Thomas Kohnstamm

  • Ahmadou Kourouma

  • Spider Robinson

  • Arundhati Roy

November 25

  • Yukio Mishima commits seppuku (1970)

  • Poul Anderson

  • Marc Brown

  • P.D. Eastman

  • Giorgio Faletti

  • Mark Frost

  • Charlaine Harris

  • Joseph Wood Krutch

  • Elsie J. Oxenham

  • Connie Palmen

  • Arturo Pérez-Reverte

  • Isaac Rosenberg

  • Helen Hooven Santmyer

  • Gerald Seymour

November 26

  • Charles Dodgson sends handwritten manuscript of Alice's Adventures Underground to Alice Liddell (1862)

  • Vicki Pettersson

  • Frederik Pohl

  • Marilynne Robinson

November 27

  • Jams Agee

  • Marilyn Hacker

  • Kevin Henkes

  • Han Kang

  • David Rakoff

  • L. Sprague de Camp

  • Michael A. Stackpole

  • Ridgley Torrence

See you next week!